Thursday, January 8, 2015

Americana Crocheted Afghan

The dust has finally settled around my little slice of heaven on earth.  Last week I was able to finish up a crocheted afghan that was started late April 2014.  When weather started warming up and it was time to tend to the yard and attending to the flower beds time just slipped. 
Last week I was able to finish the afghan that  I designed for my middle son.  The Afghan fits a twin sized bed.  To create the afghan I used red, white, blue and black yarn's by Red Heart, Fiesta, a size N. 
Americana Afghan
I Cross My Stitches by LenZie
All rights reserved and applicable.
copyright 2015

Have a magical day.
The Joy's of Needlework

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Placemat project so simple and fun.

Hello Again,
A simple and fund project for everyone. A few months ago I had changed the vinyl shelf lining in a few cabinets.  When finished and in the process of rolling it up I keep thinking there has to be a project in this.  I had set the vinyl lining aside and during my trying days of fighting the Flu type cold a idea popped into my Vintage Brain cells. 
Vinyl Hand drawn placemats, yes why not.  So I cut the vinyl shelf lining into  18 inch long pieces making each one 15" by 18", rounded the corners of each placemat, clean each mat with rubbing alcohol, wiped the dry, then I drew a simple outline design using Sharpie permanent fine point tip markers. 
After finishing the project I thought how much fun it would be to share this with all of you.  This would be a fun project for holiday placemats, even have the children join in and make their very own.  Say why not have the kids make one for Santa's cookies and milk. 
Hope you enjoy this fun and simple placemat project.
Happy Holidays.
The Joy's of Needlework

Vinyl Placemat project
Finished Vinyl placemat and supplies. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Punch Needle and Hand Dyed Cotton Chenille Yarns

Hand dyed Cotton Chenille
Over the years I have been experimenting with different types of yarns and other fiber products.  Here are the latest results of dyeing off - white cotton chenille yarn.  I am most happy with the latest outcome of the dyeing process and how beautifully it took the dye and punched needled. 
Used one of my original bear patterns ( once again) and transferred it onto 100 percent cotton monks cloth.  I think the photo's below will show what a awesome child's rug it made. This rug measure about 27 inches by 40 inches. I have also made some smaller rugs as well and all are wonderfully soft, as well as thick and fluffy.  I might add washed up beautifully. 
Enjoy and until then
Have a Magic Day.
From LenZie and The Joy's of Needlework.

Basket of Hand Dyed Cotton Chenille
Pattern, and Basket of Cotton Chenille

Childs Rug
Larger design 27" by 40" 
Original Design by LenZie

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Machine Embroidered Dish Towel

First things First
My deepest apologies

Overdue and updating The Joys of Needlework

Hi Dear Friends,  First I am so very sorry once again to have been away from my blog I am embarrassed to no end.  Big, big breath and taking the bull by the horn now that my home is livable after 1year and 5 months of work and more work.  I did manage to make a few project then thing really need attending to.  All is just about complete now that there is a storage building to store my stuff in and a little playhouse soon to be finished.  One step at a time.
Here is a little project completed a little while back and though you all might enjoy see it. 
A Sweet Little Birdie dish towel, machine embroidered cloth kind like an applique, more rustic.  A sweet little crochet boarder to add a little more texture to the design.  Enjoy
If the creek doesn't rise I will return with new project.
As always, Have A Magical Day.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Little fabric, paint and you got a ?

Hello Again,
About a week or so ago I started a project using one of my pattern designs.  Cut a fabric block 12" by 12" and transferred one of my design ( Angle Heart ) and used fabric paint to create this sweet little Angel Heart.  Added strips of fabric to out side edge of the hand painted fabric block.  Next was the fabric backing and a pillow form.  Had fun creating this project.  You too might enjoy making one for someone special.

Added this link for you to enjoy.

That about the size of things until we meet again.
Have a beautiful and magical day. LenZie

Angel Heart Pillow
all rights reserved an applicable

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Crazy Quilt Table Runner

 Crazy Quilt Table Runner
After many years of saving scraps of fabric and not know why other then the fabric scraps were pretty and perhaps useful.  Over the years the odds and ends of fabric piece have been tucked away in a box and then stored.  This last passed year I have  really tried hard to downsize my crafting and supplies.  However, when I came across the forgotten box of odds and ends of pretty fabric pieces I could not toss it out. Why? Hmmm I guess it's because? Sighing who knows why.  For about seven months or so it was put away once again.
One day while waiting in line at the grocery store there was a rack of magazines and noticed a quilting magazine.  Picked one up and while thumbing thought it seen a beautiful Crazy Quilted bed cover and thought how fun.  Purchased the magazine and that started the wheels turning.  Here is the finished project made from the inspiration  of the crazy quilt bed cover. 
Lots of mistakes , hair pulling and ripping out and redoing.  I learned a lot and now making other smaller project for the fabric pieces. I would love to add some embroidery to the table runner.
Hope everyone had a good weekend.
Sending hugs from my heart to all of you.
The Joy's of Needle Work

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Red work stitchery using one of my line drawings.  The pattern design was traced onto a tan standard size pillow case. Used three strands of red embroidery floss and a running stitch.  Top stitched heart lace onto the pillow case just below the Angels. 
Need to make one more to finish up a set of pillow cases.  What a fun project and it was simple and fast.
From my hands and heart to you.
The Joys of Needle work.
Hugs, LenZie


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