Thursday, January 8, 2015

Americana Crocheted Afghan

The dust has finally settled around my little slice of heaven on earth.  Last week I was able to finish up a crocheted afghan that was started late April 2014.  When weather started warming up and it was time to tend to the yard and attending to the flower beds time just slipped. 
Last week I was able to finish the afghan that  I designed for my middle son.  The Afghan fits a twin sized bed.  To create the afghan I used red, white, blue and black yarn's by Red Heart, Fiesta, a size N. 
Americana Afghan
I Cross My Stitches by LenZie
All rights reserved and applicable.
copyright 2015

Have a magical day.
The Joy's of Needlework


Donna said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog, LenZie. I know that it is most difficult to know what to say at a time like this. My heart is breaking and there is little that can comfort me right now. Somehow, I just have to get through it. The horror of the last 4-5 weeks just adds to my burden because those awful memories take precedent right now over all the happy ones that I have from the 33 years before. I tried to e-mail you back so that you would have my address, but you are a "no reply" blogger. I will post my e-mail address on a separate comment, and then please delete it, OK?

WoolenSails said...

That is a beautiful afghan. I used to do nice ones but that was in the 80's.


aryh884 aryh884 said...

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Rohini Sharma said...

Nice post and thank you so much for share...

Emilylee Emilylee said...

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