Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Fair Lady Pin Keeper Bell

Hi Friends and Neighbors, I thought it best to post a little note and share with you my latest creation and news. This sweet pin keeper was a lot of fun to create and while I struggled with the instructions of this pattern the project itself was a lot of fun and adds a wonderful useable accent to my sewing room. Lavender and rose was added to help scent the room.

I hope you enjoy her and will feel free to comment.

Now for more news I have decided to change the name of my patterns to Accent Patterns and Designs, being that my patterns can be used for many creative craft style and designs.
Also another big, big step was joining Facebook and I am so lost but am sure in time this ole sole will learn the ropes. I have found a lot old Friends and made a lot of new ones along the way.

I will be posting another pattern shortly for a small rug hooking project or punch needle.
"Creating memories for the soul" LenZie


WoolenSails said...

What a unique piece and so creative.
I joined facebook to keep up with my family, but with all the other things on there now, it is too overwhelming;)


Lisa J said...

So cute I love it great job!


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