Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Punch Needle Tools Old, Vintage and Oh So New

Collection of punch needles

The above photo shows a small collection of the punch needle I have collected over the years. Each one is very special to me and I hope you enjoy seeing these tools. When I blessed to travel I always look for something related to punch needle. Yes Punch Needle is my passion.

Small punch needle set date about 1949

the small punch needle tools are a set showing each side of the two tools. As you can see they are not very big these tools have several length adjustments on them and they make just as nice of loop as some of the newer tools on today's market.Punch needle is not hard and it can be enjoy at any age. Why not make an heirloom rug or table runner. There really is so much you can do with a punch needle a piece of fabric and some yarn, I have seen slippers, vest, handbags, Yoga marts, chair sets, bar stool pads, dolls, pillows, teddy bears and the list is endless. Each time I draw up a new pattern design I want to make so many thing from that one design. Right now I am working on small punch needle embroidery piece for the Christmas season.Enjoy and happy punching.

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