Thursday, November 15, 2012

Redwork Primitive Embroidery

Today I worked on a dishtowel and embroidered it with red embroidery thread, Looked kind of pale when finished it and decide to use fabric pens and filled in the flag.  Then add the a prim print and a little lace.  It looks a little more colorful don't you thing? 
When I was outside taking pictures of the dishtowel decided to take a little walk and came across a beautiful bush.  After asking friend if they knew what it was and not
a sole had a name for it.  Decided to take it to a nursery and ask what it was and learned it was a type of Honeysuckle vine.  It is just so beautiful and want to buy two of them come Spring for my next garden.  I am in love with this beautiful flower and I so look forward to getting some as then also are good for attracting Humming Birds.
Here is a photo of the honeysuckle.  Love how bright and fragrant the flowers are and the leaves look that of the miniature rose bush.  Have a magical day.  LenZie


WoolenSails said...

I have seen the hand towel material in the quilt stores, like the idea of making stitcheries for them and hanging them for display. Your piece is wonderful.


Donna said...

Hi, LenZie! You had a question about the "grow your blog" party. The sign up is on her Oct. 24 post. Read through that post and make a comment per her instructions. The link to her site is built into the image on my post and also over on my sidebar.

Donna said...

Your towel looks so cute! Great job! And the honeysuckle vine is a great garden addition, particularly if you want to grow it on a trellis or arbor.


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