Thursday, December 4, 2014

Placemat project so simple and fun.

Hello Again,
A simple and fund project for everyone. A few months ago I had changed the vinyl shelf lining in a few cabinets.  When finished and in the process of rolling it up I keep thinking there has to be a project in this.  I had set the vinyl lining aside and during my trying days of fighting the Flu type cold a idea popped into my Vintage Brain cells. 
Vinyl Hand drawn placemats, yes why not.  So I cut the vinyl shelf lining into  18 inch long pieces making each one 15" by 18", rounded the corners of each placemat, clean each mat with rubbing alcohol, wiped the dry, then I drew a simple outline design using Sharpie permanent fine point tip markers. 
After finishing the project I thought how much fun it would be to share this with all of you.  This would be a fun project for holiday placemats, even have the children join in and make their very own.  Say why not have the kids make one for Santa's cookies and milk. 
Hope you enjoy this fun and simple placemat project.
Happy Holidays.
The Joy's of Needlework

Vinyl Placemat project
Finished Vinyl placemat and supplies. 

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WoolenSails said...

Great idea for the kids and fun for holidays.



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