Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What supplies do I need for Punch Needle?

What supplies do I need for punch needle?
If you have never done punch needle this will depend on several things first a person needs to think about what they want to create. Is your interest Punch Needle embroidery, a punch needle rug, or pillow, I think you get the general idea here. May I suggest that you first decide what it is you want to make, and then look for a kit? Kits are a wonderful way to get started as the majority of the kits today come with instructions, the design already applied onto the correct fabric backing, the thread, yarn or other fibers you will need to complete the pattern you have chosen.
Be sure to check the kit information to see what is included in the kit. What in my humble opinion makes kits so wonderful when a person is started to learn punch needle is they come in a wide verity of subjects and styles and you do not have to be concerned or worry about a drawing.
However, kits do not come with a few of the other important supplies such as punch needle tool, a hoop or frame and a few odds and ends of sewing supplies to finish the project you have decided on.
Note; Other supplies you will need are most often listed in the kit supplies list you might like to check out Primitive Bettys blogspot or do a web search.

That’s it for this time until then happy punching dear friends.

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