Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Harvest Moon Wall Hanging
Hello Dear Friends and Neighbors,
I am a bit rusty with posting from being absent for a while. However, I want to share Harvest Moon wool felt wall hanging I made for Fall.  It is the second one I have made.  Drawing were used from my pattern line. Enlarged several copies were made so each subject that was needed could be cut.  All went very smoothly until it was time for the boarder.  Was not thinking ahead as you can see some of the items I used are part way onto the board. Needles to say I had to redo the work and add the quilted boarder to the background first them the cat, pumpkins and other items. 
Looking forward to making another wall hanging as I have learned a few short cuts that will eliminate a lot of work. 
A Few  Helpful Hints
1. Do a mock up using the cut out paper pattern.
2. Arrange fabrics according to colors and prints for the boarder
3. Sew the boarder to the background.
4.  Cut out the subjects from the wool felt and fusible webbing.
5.  Arrange and pin cut out pieces  and fusible webbing onto the background and iron
      into place. Be sure to set the iron to the right heat setting and test before hand.
6. Sew in place
7. Attach tabs for hanging if needed and then sew that backing like you would a
pillow, leaving an opening to turn right side out.
Jugs a few ideas to help if you decide to create a wall hanging from a drawing.
Have a very magical day.

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