Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Crazy Quilt Table Runner

 Crazy Quilt Table Runner
After many years of saving scraps of fabric and not know why other then the fabric scraps were pretty and perhaps useful.  Over the years the odds and ends of fabric piece have been tucked away in a box and then stored.  This last passed year I have  really tried hard to downsize my crafting and supplies.  However, when I came across the forgotten box of odds and ends of pretty fabric pieces I could not toss it out. Why? Hmmm I guess it's because? Sighing who knows why.  For about seven months or so it was put away once again.
One day while waiting in line at the grocery store there was a rack of magazines and noticed a quilting magazine.  Picked one up and while thumbing thought it seen a beautiful Crazy Quilted bed cover and thought how fun.  Purchased the magazine and that started the wheels turning.  Here is the finished project made from the inspiration  of the crazy quilt bed cover. 
Lots of mistakes , hair pulling and ripping out and redoing.  I learned a lot and now making other smaller project for the fabric pieces. I would love to add some embroidery to the table runner.
Hope everyone had a good weekend.
Sending hugs from my heart to all of you.
The Joy's of Needle Work


WoolenSails said...

The piece came out beautifully, I love crazy quilting or just sewing scraps together and seeing how it comes out, lol. I also make up pieces that I can use for cut out shapes, those are fun to do as gifts or sale.


Donna said...

That sure is pretty!


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