Sunday, April 13, 2014

Afghan and Quitled Bear

Hi Everyone, as you can see I have returned and hopefully can keep up the pace between the home front, Garden, my blog, Facebook and forums. 
      During the time between post gathered up all my odds and ends of yarn and crocheted a Afghan using the wave stitch and crocheted a black row after each main row.  What brought about using up the odds and ends of yarn was a very kind person I connected with on Facebook.  Bonnie Jones posted a very beautiful Afghan she made from her left over yarns.  After seeing how beautiful hers was and Bonnie encouraging me I managed to create this one.  Thank you so much Bonnie for you kind help.
      As you can see there is a quilted bear setting in the middle of the Afghan and she is wearing part of an old lace edging I found at a Jeannie Consignments.  The tattered old bear is made from a very old quilt that was so worn and tattered.  There were a few good spots and the only thing that kept going through my mind was make a bear.  I love this little girl bear and she is a keeper. 
Thank you so very much for visiting my littler spot on the web.
Always in kindness and warping it is Gods Blessing to all of you.

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WoolenSails said...

What a beautiful afghan and teddy. I haven't done any crochet in years and the nice ones I made got taken from guests who visited and wanted to take it home with them;)



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