Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Update from my Make Do Country Home

Welcome to April 2014 and the Spring journey begins with yard work, spring house cleaning and painting. 
 I have at long last sorted out most the boxes from the move into my Make Do country home on 3.50 acres of Gods country.  Lots of work to do but I love what I have been blessed to own.
 Started the process of trying to come up with an idea to render the problem of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  The kitchen is quite small and wall to wall Med. dark stained woo cabinets.  The top of the cabinets are in wonderful condition, while the bottom ones are a total mess.  I jump back and forth over color going from the old federal blue to a deep cranberry red, then I get to thinking may be a white because the kitchen is small. grrrrr. Anyway here is a photo of the kitchen cabinets.  Any ideas would be very welcome.
Now you all know why I have been MIA.  Hope to post more photo to share with all of you.
Signing off from my Make Do Country Home.

I would like to know what caused this kind of damage to these cabinets.
Kitchen and both bathrooms have the same kind of damage to them.


WoolenSails said...

That looks like a lot of work. Ours were a bit like that but they were also falling off the walls, so we finally replaced them.


Donna said...

I have no idea how the cabinet finish got messed up like that. They look like oak, so keep in mind that the grain will prevent any painted surface from being smooth. I would vote for a nice cottage white color. It would brighten up the space and make it bigger. Be sure to check out Pinterest for ideas too!


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