Thursday, March 14, 2013

Crocheted Wool Felted Hat

Crocheted Wool Felted Hat.  I made this hat sometime ago and thought it would be perfect to share it with you as a St. Patrick Day project.

Hook size I, 100 percent all virgin wool yarn by Lions Brand, and a crocheted wool felt hat pattern I found on the internet.

When crocheting this hat it looked like it would never work out as it was extremely large.   I swear it just seemed to keep growing and growing.  Never the less I hung in there and finished crocheting the hat.

Next I placed the hat into an old pillowcase (my creative ideas as I had heard what a mess felting can make of ones washing machine)  and tied it shut so the loose fibers would not collect in the tub of the washing machine.  The settings I used was hot water, a half tub of very hot water and put it
through several cycles to make sure the darn thing would shrink. 
Next was a really cold water rinsing.  After it was
rinsed it was removed from the pillowcase and all the loose fibers were removed and once again placed back into the pillowcase as before.  Next it was placed in a very hot dryer set on high heat with a few old terry towels for about half  an hour. When the hat was at the stage where I could remove it from the pillowcase and not be concerned about tons of loose fiber collecting in the dry.  It sprinkled with
warm water to dampen it and returned to the dryer to let it warm up a bit and still be damp enough to shape.

I was very pleased to see that huge hat felted and had reduced in size to fit a real human head size.

Next I blocked it using warm water and steam. 
Would I do this again? 
While it was a very interesting project the answer is
NO and once is enough. lol, lol.

Have wonderful day.

Y. LenZie  
May you always have a hand to hold
or extend to another ...
May you always have a hug to give
or the grace to receive one....
May you find the gift of laughter
or better yet share it with one who is sad,
May your heart be filled with happiness and love
when you see the setting sun.

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