Monday, July 5, 2010

My Holiday and Found Treasures

Hello Friends and Neighbors, Friday I took time to hit some garage sales and found three cute little treasures for my home. The original adventure was to be for items to make into pin keepers. However, the plans changed, the little grinder is so perfect for my kitchen, the tea cup will become a part of my tea cup collection and the glass blow is a perfect size for nuts and candy.

Guess I will just have to keep hunting for some make do items or maybe I should just use what I have and as if over the last few years one has not collected enough to make do.

We had a very wonderful holiday with family and friends. Everyone pitched in and brought something for the BBQ and that made it even more enjoyable. The big guys manned the BBQ, the ladies set out the food and what not. Yes us gals kicked back while the big guys stood around the hot BBQ and talk shop.

It was a hot day but the big old Oak trees provided lots of shade and a nice breeze came up which made being outside very enjoyable, with loved ones coming and going, music, lots of story telling, and funny jokes. Plain old down home fun with family and friends. We all agreed this was one of the best 4th of July.
Hope all of you had a good holiday too.

Keep smiling, a song in your heart and Live, Love and Laughter
makes life so darn good.


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Pam said...

Your treasures look lovely. The grinder looks a very interesting one. Don't think I've seen one like it, and that cup and saucer is so pretty.
Could you not use the glass bowl as a pinkeep? I've made similar myself before. You would just need a good glue to stick the cushion bit into the bowl. It would be lovely.
and if you think you could do it to that sweet cup, you could also use it as a pinkeep too. I have a friend that makes them in cups and some have even had the saucer glued to the cup. Just a couple of thoughts for you. :)
Your family get together sounds wonderful. Our family never really has anything like that now, though we used to when the kids were much younger.
Thanks for dropping by and leaving your sweet comment too.


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