Friday, October 12, 2012

Have you every wondered about the history of Crocheting and it origin? I have always wondered but never taken the time to research this wonderful art form that many of us enjoy along with family members, friends and so many others. 

For sometime I have been promising myself that I would try to find information on this subject for my own knowledge.  As I delved into the subject I leaned more then I had ever imagined would have been written.  My first intentions was to write my own article but after many hours of reading that thought soon vanished.  There are far superior articles then I could ever hope to write on the history of Crochet.

Here is a wonderful link that I found while researching and it covers a vast amount of information in brief with many references you can read or research..

On a short note some of you will notice that I have been busy changing this blog, a search box has been added making it simpler to locate old posts and tabs have been added at the top.   You will notice new selection have been added. A few have items added while others are still a work in progress. 

The plans are to add some antique and vintage patterns, how to books and other related to Needlework.
 See Crochet menu tab for this FREE PATTERN. 

Have a wonderful and Magical day.


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